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Are you ready for joy and profit in your interior design business?

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The Interior Design Standard is a program comprised of my templates, systems and processes, delivered in a digital format to help you run a more efficient and joyful business.

The Standard literally sets the standard for the business side of interior design. It’s all that I’ve learned over all of my years in business. I’m sharing my formula for success because I believe it’s time for all designers to rise together.

Program highlights include:

  • My design fee calculator – confidently calculate flat design fees in moments
  • My design agreement, that both clients and designers love
  • The exact process that each interior design project follows, from the first potential client contact to pitching the photos to press
    • Take our FREE Demo Module. It’s a peek inside the program, and the first step in kick-starting your upgraded business, and thus, a better you.

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Trade Resources

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